Shooter Magazine N4 EDITOR’S LETTER Milos Kalvin @shootermagazine Photo by Giacomo Por @saturninofarandola. Dreaming is the reason why i am alive. My whole life i’ve been playing this role of designer which, for the time being, i don’t feel like quitting, and maybe that’s the reason why i’ve been brainstorming that much that i just can’t control it and i don’t know which idea i want to express first. The only universal truth is that summer comes after spring and fall does it after winter… And life goes on and never stops. And the factory of ideas we started running with shooter some time ago is in constant movement, updating its engineering standards to keep going. When it came to face this quarterly message, i wanted to review some of the texts i have dedicated you all, shooter magazine’s readers, in which i dealt with many dissimilar subjects (or not that dissimilar) such as marketing and dreams. (continue in the print version) Others artists included @baltasan @amspamsp @theminimals @bobbyanwar @sinched @chapterandverse @dominiquesavio @sunflowerof21 @fabsgrassi @fernandojcruz @hnato_nf @jscantero @otije @michmutters @olgavimo @sondergaard @oceanuants @jackhollingsworth @alanwilkie @lafeticheria @mankiango @misvincent ______________________________________ What is SHOOTER MAG? It’s “The WOrld’s First PhotoMObile Magazine”, published four times per year –to last a lifetime! http://www.shootermag.com
______________________________________ Tag #shootermag You could be one of the future published artists in SHOOTER MAG LIMITED EDITION ______________________________________ More about project info@shootermag.com


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