You have a comunication from SHOOTER MAG in your email address (the email address you provided us when you subscribed)

Dear subscribers,

We are in the process of printing the new number 6 Shooter Magazine. THE SHIPPING WILL BE MADE DURING THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. Sorry for the delay.

We have a section reserved for subscribers. We thank you for your loyalty with the publication of a PHOTO, FULL NAME and NICK of every one of you.

The section will be called SHOOTER’S PARTNERS AROUND THE WORLD

We urgently need to send us to “” a profile photo, your FULL NAME and your NICKNAME (example: @miloskalvin)

We take this email to communicate too the contents of the next numbers 7 and 8:

The number 7 is a “special USA” in collaboration with Nei Cruz @nei_cruz as guest editor (under design).

The number 8 is a number special only for subscribers. There will be an article of each of the subscribers who want it. We will ask the material in the coming weeks once we have updated the database current subscribers.

Here we show an image that has sent us Monica Kennedy @monicalion, partner and subscriber 394 of ShooterMag. You can too. It’s not too late – take a Photo with your favorite copy of SHOOTER and send to “”. There are no rules, do it your way and let’s show the world how creative is the SHOOTER family.

We thank you in advance for your support. Thank you!

photo 8-0.JPG


  1. Hi friend!

    To have your work published in the magazine, there are only two requirements. You have to be a subscriber and the quality of the work should meet our standards.

    Please, can you tell us your nickname on instagram for see you work??

    Thanks a lot!

    Pd. Send us a emial to and we tell you more details abpout the project!


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