Peace and solidarity contest

It is with great pleasure that SHOOTER MAGAZINE is announcing the first of many contests that will take place this year 2016!

During this contest we will highlight 9 photos that stand for quality and creativity, 2 photos will be selected as runners up and one will be the winner of the contest.

The prize to the winner is to become one of the published artists in the next issue of SHOOTER MAGAZINE!

And remember to read carefully the rules!


ONLY New photos allowed.
– Unlimited number of photos.
– TAG #shootermag_solidarity

Starts: Sunday 3th of January. Ends: Sunday 14th of February at 24:00 CET Time (GMT+1). Winner and Runners Up announcement: Sunday 21th of February.

Judges: ShooterMag Editors-at-large Team and Publisher Milos Kalvin @miloskalvin


Our hashtag has close to 1 million photographs. Don’t forget to participate… tag #shootermag

More about project




One thought on “Peace and solidarity contest

  1. I am always curious if I can take your logo and use it and and edit? My IG name is @_crazy_cool_chick_ on Instagram. I have a large following and also follow many people that have edited photos for one of your contest but I’m not sure what I would be allowed to use as far as your logo goes. Big thanks guys, renege


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