Shooter Magazine info update for Subscribers/Shareholders

Dear Subscribers,

I write to thank you once again for your continued patience over the past few months. Now, finally I am able to announce that shootermag is back on track and has returned with a new look.

The former investors wanted to downgrade the quality of Shootermag to a simple weekly photography magazine, without any influence from the publisher, editors-at-large and the subscribers. I did not want that and will never let it happen. I am very proud of the exceptional quality of our magazine, which makes it stand out from other photography magazines. has to be free for the creators and their creativity. I am in discussions with a patron who agrees with the philosophy of our magazine.

Now be curious and discover our new,  and some new editors at large!

As promised in my last communication, edition Number 9 (the Subscriber Edition) is prepared for printing. It will be delivered to you early in the first quarter of 2017. Then we will get back to our normal schedule.

Thank you again for your patience, curiosity and support of Shootermag.

I wish you all a great end to 2016, and good health, creativity, curiosity and happiness in 2017.

Sincerely yours



Milos Kalvin. Founder, Editor in Chief & Creative Director

Instagram @shootermag @miloskalvin / Eyeem @shootermag @miloskalvin / twitter @shootermagazine / facebook miloskalvin


1 thought on “Shooter Magazine info update for Subscribers/Shareholders

  1. Hertha Riehle

    Thought-provoking article ! I am thankful for the insight . Does someone know if my business would be able to get a sample ZA (DHA-1738) Form 8 copy to edit ?



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