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She’d been living in the past for so long, and it was a bright new day…, 2013. iPhone 5

Carmelina Pascoe @chapterandverse Carmelina’s carefully crafted photos have a fine sense of balance, positioning the subject and their surrounds so they are comfortably weighted within the frame. Her architecture of definitive lines dart between the confines of her images with a dual purpose, they lead the eye and at the same time inform us that each subject has purpose and direction. Her overt use of perspective as a tool for aesthetic value also gives meaning by working to span the subjects past, present and defined future, in a single frame. Carmelina as raconteur uses all these elements in her composition to articulate and embellish a visual story. Text by Dominique du Maurier Melbourne (continue in the print version)


Carmelina Pascoe Editor-at-Large Australia

The Story Teller

The touch of a hand, a drooping of the shoulders, a head thrown back in laughter. These seemingly insignificant moments fill our days and speak more about ourselves than we care to admit.

It is these small moments that grab Carmelina’s attention. She frames them with an easy and fluid style, inviting you to be part of the scene

Her photography and accompanying titles capture more than just a moment in time in the life of her subjects, she builds their story so you become part of their world.  Inviting you to empathize, love and laugh with them, sharing our common humanity and documenting life on the streets one story at a time

She is CARMELINA PASCOE @chapterandverse
Editor-at-Large Australia

Portrait by Giulio Giacconi @tenebrogg