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ISSUE N6 Autumn Project 2014 The second cover

It is our pleasure to introduce
Shooter Magazine N6
Autumn Project 2014

We show the second Cover
I’ll be late, 2013. Iphone 4S by Christian Mondot @cclm31

2 differents covers +10 artists  +200 pages. +200 photos and almost 1 kg of “pure paper”
Each issue is printed on high-quality paper stock– together with one exceptional printed photo numbered and signed by Ernesto Peña e_rnst

Artists included in this issue
David Arranz @arridj
Ernesto Peña @e_rnst
Javier Lorente @jlorente07
José Luis Barcia @Joseluisbarcia
Kamau Z. Akabueze @by_kza
Pablo Montero @pablomon
Christian Mondot @cclm31
Hiki Komori @hiki_komori_
Juan Pascual Marcos @juanpas9
Stephen Curry @flightster

Maquetación 2