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Billy – Lashes & Lips, 2012. iphone 4s

Elaine Taylor @sunflowerof21 The colours. The blues and greens; cold colours that become warm through Elaine’s eyes. Through her images she introduces us to her children, their smiles, their adventures and their misadventures. Her photos of Charlie and Billy are an invitation to her life and family. With her own voice, her own words, her personal style, fresh and direct, without ornaments, she uses every scene, landscape or composition to transform everyday situations into art. (continue in the print version)


Elaine Taylor Editor-at-Large UK

A mother’s love, an artist’s eye

Framed by warm hues of blue and green that speak of youth and vitality, Elaine’s portraits are mesmerizing.

Her work features her sons and muses, Charlie and Billy, as they explore the world.  She captures their adventures and candid moments with a mothers love and an artists eye.

Beautifully composed, without artifice or adornment, Elaine transforms life’s moments into a legacy and photographic heirloom, presenting a series of portraits that share joy, brotherhood and above all the thrill of childhood.

She is Elaine Taylor @sunflowerof21
Editor-at-large UK