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Carmelina Pascoe Editor-at-Large Australia

The Story Teller

The touch of a hand, a drooping of the shoulders, a head thrown back in laughter. These seemingly insignificant moments fill our days and speak more about ourselves than we care to admit.

It is these small moments that grab Carmelina’s attention. She frames them with an easy and fluid style, inviting you to be part of the scene

Her photography and accompanying titles capture more than just a moment in time in the life of her subjects, she builds their story so you become part of their world.  Inviting you to empathize, love and laugh with them, sharing our common humanity and documenting life on the streets one story at a time

She is CARMELINA PASCOE @chapterandverse
Editor-at-Large Australia

Portrait by Giulio Giacconi @tenebrogg


Fernando Cruz Editor-at-Large Portugal

Fernando, not photography.

A melody, a memory, a movement or a look. Waiting for something, the time worn steps, the rain. A sky soaked with tiled rooftops. A quest for peace.

Perfectly wrapped lines between grainy photography contrasting black and white.

Fernando embraces moments. As a composer of the capture he tells thousands of stories with a single movement. An architect of shadows and vanishing points, he transmits the calm he radiates, enveloping you in his own brand of peace and his unique way of looking at the world.

Leading to his own “Terabithia”

He is FERNANDO CRUZ @fernandojcruz
Editor-at-Large Portugal

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

Fabs Grassi Editor-at-Large Brazil

Come, walk with me…

You can almost picture Fabs’ hand extended out to you in welcome as you enter his world.  His photography shifts between documentary and portraiture, photo journalism  and fine art, transporting us to the streets of Sao Paulo.   Portraits, dilapidated buildings, minimalist street scapes and social unrest all sit comfortably together to provide a view of life in Brazil’s largest city.

There is a beauty and serenity to Fabs’ photography that you can’t help but feel as you travel through his gallery.  Sometimes melancholy, always illuminating, the streets of Sao Paulo are waiting. Fabs will guide you there.

He is Fabs Grassi
Editor-at-large Brazil


Elaine Taylor Editor-at-Large UK

A mother’s love, an artist’s eye

Framed by warm hues of blue and green that speak of youth and vitality, Elaine’s portraits are mesmerizing.

Her work features her sons and muses, Charlie and Billy, as they explore the world.  She captures their adventures and candid moments with a mothers love and an artists eye.

Beautifully composed, without artifice or adornment, Elaine transforms life’s moments into a legacy and photographic heirloom, presenting a series of portraits that share joy, brotherhood and above all the thrill of childhood.

She is Elaine Taylor @sunflowerof21
Editor-at-large UK


Héctor Navarro Editor-at-Large Mexico

Drive me to abstraction

The smallest glimpse and the scene is set.  Follow the lines, trace the curves.

Héctor’s abstracts are clean and decisive.  His subjects are varied. He allows our imaginations to run riot. Giving us free reign to complete the picture or just dwell on the glimpses presented.

More invitation than confrontation, Héctor’s photography lures you in and allows you to sit comfortably in the spaces he creates.

He is Héctor Navarro
Editor-at-large Mexico


Nei Cruz Editor-at-large USA

The art of elegance

Nei’s photography, has an understated elegance to it that is  unique and captivating.  His subjects are presented with a simplicity which is both striking and charismatic.  In a gallery that contains such varied subjects and styles you would expect chaos to reign supreme.  Not so here. Bold colours and lines blend flawlessly with softly falling rain and muted tones, showing us a softer side to the city that never sleeps. Nei effortlessly weaves through subject matter and styles with an intensity and passion you can feel through his imagery.

Stylish and sophisticated, Nei’s images woo you with a charm that is all too alluring.  They are the epitome of elegance and restraint.

He is Nei Cruz
Editor-at-large USA